Walnut1 Log Cabin Kit

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BZB Cabins and Outdoors is happy to introduce Walnut1 Log Cabin Kit. Walnut Log Cabin is made of high-quality Nordic Spruce and can be enjoyed year-round. This lovely cabin can accommodate any pursuit that your imagination will allow: a garden cabin, a pool house, a home office, an artist's studio, a hunting or a fishing cabin! All of the BZB Cabins and Outdoors cabins are complete kits: including floor joists, floor and ceiling boards, wall logs, doors and windows, and a hardware package with assembly instructions. Please note that the roofing shingles are not included with the kit. Number of Rooms:Number of Rooms: 2 Inside Floor Area: 108+40 Sq.Ft. Wall Thickness: 1-9/16″ (40 mm) Inside Dimensions: 11'4″ x 9'7″, 4'2″ x 9'7″ Outside Dimensions: 15'11" x 9'10" Overall Dimensions: 17'10" x 12'6″ Height of the Wall: 6'9″ Overall Height: 8'9″ Window Dimensions: 32-1/2″ x 77″ Door Dimensions: 32-7/8″ x 77″, 58-3/8″ x 77″ Terrace Dimensions: No Terrace Covered: Yes Floor Boards Thickness: 3/4″ (19 mm) Roof Boards Thickness: 3/4″ (19 mm) Foundation Materials Included: No (Optional) Weight: 3000 lbs Roof-area 240 Sq.Ft Roofing-materials No (Optional +$240.00) Roof Pitch: 14.6 Assembly. Required. FREE SHIPPING!!!! WE HAVE MANY OTHER SIZES AND DESIGNS OF CABINS AVAILABLE! PLEASE CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION: Ph: 8OO 568 O8O4! THANK YOU!

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