Creating He Sheds

Creating He Sheds successfully is a bit more complicated than simply erecting a shed in your garden and filling it with stuff. Here are some steps you need to take to make sure He Sheds will end up desirable.

Purposes of He Sheds

Decide on the purpose of your He Shed; here are some ideas:

  • Watching TV/Movies with friends
  • Games Room
  • Art Studio
  • Party room
  • Private space to escape

What you want your He Shed for is obviously pertinent to what you need to put in it and how big it needs to be. For example a games room with a pool table must have room for players to move round the table and cue properly. In addition, you’ll want somewhere to sit and maybe a bar and room for a dart board or card table too.

Shed location

Where you will put it is also important, particularly in terms of running electricity, which is highly recommended in terms of light, heating, cooling, using a TV or refrigerator.

Which shed?

The size and type of shed you choose is a balancing act between available space, what you want to put in it and what you can afford. If you really want a games room but you can’t afford a big enough shed or don’t have room for it then maybe you need to rethink the purpose of your He Shed.

Other points to consider include location of door and windows, trim details and material.

Design the interior

Now you have your He Shed you need to design the interior.

First draw a scale plan of the inside and cut out to scale all the pieces of furniture and equipment you want to put in the shed. It’s useful to have them cut out rather than drawing on your plan as you can move them around. Don’t forget to leave space for walking around, pulling out chairs and so on.

Decide on preferred materials and décor including floor covering, curtains or blinds, furniture and the bar.

Locate, price and purchase materials

Some materials will be available from salvage yards but some you’ll need to buy. It all depends on what you want. Visit a few salvage places first and see if you can locate floor boards, counter or bar tops, board to tidy up interior walls, board to drop the ceiling, if you wish.

Get busy

Now the hard work begins but first make a plan of tasks to do in a logical order.

Choose and place furniture, décor and electrical items

Finalize price and size of furniture, fabric, cushions, games, lights, TV, fan or air conditioner, fridge, paint and decorative pieces.

Best of all, have fun!

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