Setting up a He Shed

He Shed – Sheds for Men

A He Shed is a lot like a man cave but located outside, so setting up a He Shed can have additional uses especially if it is split up into areas. It can be divided into ‘relax’ and ‘work’ areas. The relax area can be for entertaining, watching sports or playing video games, while the work area could be for the lawnmower, motorcycle or cleaning your golf clubs.

Here are a few possible set ups for He Sheds:

Entertaining Mates

This type of He Shed is for Saturday Hockey, Sunday Football or Game Night. It goes without saying you will need a wide-screen television, seating, drink tables and naturally a bar fridge. Plus shelves for glasses, snacks and a selection of drinks and beer. If you want hot snacks, a microwave would be handy and if you have room, you can set up toilet facilities that would really complete the picture.

Bar Games

If your He Shed is big enough, then along with the couch seating area and bar, you could fit a pool table, football table and/or a dart board. To save space you can have upright chairs which take up less room, or even bar stools.

A card table for poker always goes down well with the boys.

Having a He Shed like this allows you once a year, on special occasions, to invite the ladies to join you for bar games and a wine cooler. They’ll surely appreciate your generous gesture.

Golf Practice

Athough you probably won’t have room to imagine a driving range in your He Shed, a putting mat with a few holes isn’t impossible.


This isn’t as much fun as the other ideas but if you work from home and want to avoid being talked into shopping, taking the kids out, or doing chores, then you need your own space where you can concentrate. If you don’t have a spare room in the house, then a He Shed or the corner of one is the ideal place. Put in a desk shelf for your keyboard or laptop and bingo you have a nice peaceful office.

Remember when you’re setting up your He Shed, you will need to run electric power to it, and possibly a water line.

What time is the game?

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